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Who Is The Best Teacher For Sociology For The UPSC Optional Preparation In Delhi?

Aditya Mongra Sir is the best Sociology optional teacher in Delhi. Sir is highly qualified and well read, has been associated with Delhi University and also has the experience of teaching in some of the most prestigious institutes engaged in mentoring UPSC aspirants.

Aditya Mongra Sir is the best teacher for sociology for the UPSC optional preparation in Delhi because –

Experience – Sir has been into the field of mentoring UPSC aspirants for years and has written the success stories of many candidates with his sheer dedication towards his students.

High quality lectures – Aditya Sir Carries a very practical approach in the classroom, his sole aim is to make every student understand the core principles so that the next topics can be understood easily even by the students who are new to the subject.

Interactive classes –He never discourages students from asking their doubts. This makes him the best teacher for sociology optional in Delhi.

Small Batches – The batch size at Sociology optional by Aditya Mongra is small so that sir can build connection with each student.

Timely completion of Syllabus – Under Sociology Optional Foundation Batch, sir completes the syllabus in the time span of 14 – 16 weeks, giving students enough time to conduct multiple revisions and focus on other papers of the UPSC.

Focus on answer writing – UPSC Mains exam is all about answer writing, thus there is regular discussion on Sociology Optional answer writing as per the current trends of the UPSC CSE exam.

Comprehensive Notes – “Aditya Mongra Sociology Optional notes” are very comprehensive and covers all aspects of the syllabus

Postal courseSociology Optional Postal Course is for the students who cannot come to Delhi. It covers the syllabus well in easy language so that students develop conceptual understanding of the topics.

Test Series – Solving Mocks helps you understand your mistakes and weaker areas giving you a chance to correct them, joining a good test series is important which offers you the question and evaluation at par with UPSC, Sociology Optional Test Series by Aditya Mongra sir is very good for practice.

Thus, if you have chosen Sociology as your Optional Subject then Aditya Mongra Sir is the best teacher in Delhi. His teaching approach will help you develop a wider perspective helping you throughout your journey.

Get instant guidance from Sociology by Aditya Mongra: -

Website - https://sociologybyadityamongra.com/

Contact Number - +91 9999663160

Email Us - adityadse@gmail.com

Address - 26/3, Basement, Opp. Vijay Photostat, near Madonna Hotel, Old Rajendra Nagar, New Delhi-110060

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Sociology by Aditya Mongra

Sociology by Aditya Mongra

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